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“Looking out at all of you today, there is no doubt he touched countless lives while he was here on earth, but God needed to bring our Dad to be with Him…where he can rescue everyone from the bad guys the way he rescued all of us for so long. And as I stand here before all of you, I can almost guarantee he is sitting in his easy chair in the clouds, cigar in his mouth, Fox News on TV, a plate of greasy Chinese food on one side and his Nana’s macaroni, roast beef, and gravy on the other, waiting for the next chance to comfort yet another troubled soul.” -taken from Det. Gallant’s eulogy, January 8, 2013

Born in Chelsea and raised in Revere, MA, Joe “Peter” Gallant had a love for the city of Boston that started when he was just a kid, working concession stands at Fenway just to see the games and standing in line for days on end to find tickets to his favorite bands playing at the Gahhden. After a short stint as a college football player at UMass that ended in injury before he even saw any playing time, Joe hopped on a Boston-bound protest bus to turn in his transfer papers to Northeastern University. He majored in Criminal Justice and started his police career with a co-op as a “summer special” with the Nantucket Police Department.  While on Nantucket, he added police work and his fellow officer/someday wife Kathy Fougere right next to Boston on the list of things he loved in this world. Eventually Joe and Kathy moved back to the mainland and, of course, eventually chose to settle down and raise their four kids in the Greatest City on Earth.

Joe entered the Boston Police Academy in 1989 and started as a patrolman in Mattapan shortly thereafter. He eventually climbed to the rank of detective, working in the Sexual Assault Unit, the Domestic Violence Unit and in several neighborhood stations throughout the city. At the time of his passing, he was working out of the Family Justice Center, a post that held a special place in his heart as a father. But no matter where he was stationed in his 23 years with the Boston Police Department, Joe always made it known that it was an honor for him to be able to protect and serve the city he’d loved his whole life.

In the early morning hours of January 4th, 2013, Joe ended his watch on earth and went to join his family, friends and fellow officers who went before him. In addition to his wife Kathy, he is survived by his four children Jenn, Joe, Chris and Maria, his father Joe, and his siblings Paul, Mark, Mary Ann and Steven. While we all miss him more than words can say, we remember his life with such happiness and pride and hope to continue his legacy of serving the city he always loved.

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